car jacking

'If you know the idiots who did it let us know'.
Police helicopter footage and smartphone camera images obtained by KTLA News show the harrowing tirade of a "maniac" gunman
Australian polices have released footage of an armed man being knocked to the ground by the car he was trying to hijack on
CCTV footage has been released showing a woman being dragged 40 feet into a busy road as she tried to stop a carjacker. Nikki
A video has been uploaded showing a man breaking into his own car using nothing but a laptop. Security researcher Dr Silvio
Ever since I recovered from a comma, double comma, people started suggesting new phrases to me all the time, thinking I'm some sort of a dialect-oracle and meme-prophet capable of coining anything into ฿itcoins. The question is - could I really make money by just tweeting axioms and aphorisms? That's ridic. In any case I went ahead and wrote this series of state-of-the-art youthemisms to all the youngsters out there who need a bit of a turd polish.
The French Alps shooting is a grim reminder of the dangers facing Britons who drive abroad, driving experts have warned. Britons
Cedric Brown will appear in court on Thursday after he allegedly carjacked a young mother's ford focus whilst her two toddlers