'Big Brother': Helen Rants At Chris AGAIN After 'Power Of Money' Task Revelation (PICS, VIDEO)

With one week to go until the live final of ‘Big Brother’, this is usually the point where the housemates wind down, put their differences aside and start reflecting on the time they’ve spent together in the house… but this year’s lot took a rather different approach, and had one of the most explosive arguments of the series in Thursday night’s highlights show.

It all started when the housemates were told that as part of a task called ‘The Power of Money’, they’d be clubbing together to try and add an extra £25K to the winner’s prize fund - which they agreed they would split eight ways whatever happens.

Mark and Helen are furious

Having only managed to raise £15,500, the group - apart from Ashleigh - were called one by one to the Diary Room, where Big Brother told them they’d been chosen by the public to receive the money themselves - and it was entirely their choice if they wanted to take it or leave it.

What they didn’t realise was that this was a lie, and in fact the real task was to see if Ashleigh would correctly guess which housemates would take the money for themselves, and which would honour the pact they’d already made.

Helen in her default state: angry

Eventually, Big Brother revealed that three housemates had chosen to take the money - Ash, Chris and Mark - with Helen furiously ranting at Chris that he had let the group down by going behind their backs.

Surprisingly, Mark was also furious with Chris, despite the fact that he told Big Brother he’d take the money and use some of it to open a “brow bar”, ranting: “I didn't think everyone would f**king split it. I know I would.”

Christopher fires back

While Chris tried to stick up for himself, it was Christopher who ended up fighting his corner the most, branding the other contestants “vultures” who wouldn’t let Chris get to the end of his sentence to explain himself, leading to yet another furious row with Mark.

Chris, Christopher and Mark are all facing the public vote this week, alongside Pav and Winston, with two of them being booted out during Friday’s live double eviction.

Tune in on Friday, 8 August at 9pm on Channel 5 to see which housemates get the axe.

Victor Ebuwa ('BB5')

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