'Big Brother' Nominations Spoiler! Mark And Christopher To Go Head-To-Head In Public Vote (PICS, VIDEO)


The ‘Big Brother’ housemates have nominated for the final time of the series, and there was one last brutal twist as the housemates were forced to do it face-to-face.

Mark and Christopher, who initially looked like they were headed for the first gay romance in ‘BB’ history, are both up for eviction alongside Pav - who entered the house much later in the series than the rest of the contestants - and Winston.

Mark looks thrilled at the prospect of seeing his family again soon

Although Winston has been popular with his housemates throughout the show’s run, he’s become something of a nuisance to some members of the group, especially Chris, after pestering them for cigarettes.

After Big Brother told the housemates who was facing eviction, Mark resigned himself to the fact he would be booted out, telling Ashleigh and Ash, “I’m totally ready to go”, despite their protestations that it would in fact be Christopher who would be leaving during Friday’s live shows.

Winston is jumping for joy after learning just how unpopular with his housemates he is

The news means that Chris, Ash and Ashleigh will be in the ‘BB’ live final next week, alongside Helen, whose place in the last show was cemented during her first few days in the house, when she was granted a free pass.

After this year’s winner is crowned, a whole host of famous(-ish) faces will descend on the house for a brand new series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, with celebs including Josie Cunningham, David McIntosh and ‘TOWIE’ star Lauren Goodger all rumoured to be heading into the house, hoping to follow in the foosteps of January’s ‘CBB’ winner Jim Davidson.

Tune into ‘Big Brother’ on Tuesday, 5 August at 10pm on Channel 5 to find out who the group voted for and, more importantly, why.

Gemma Collins

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