06/08/2014 08:31 BST | Updated 06/08/2014 08:59 BST

'Big Brother': Mark Tells Christopher, 'I Should Have Nominated You', Causing Yet Another Argument (VIDEO)

Things went from bad to worse for potential ‘Big Brother’ couple Mark and Christopher during Tuesday night’s highlights show, as they were seen descending into yet another blazing row, when Mark told Christopher that he wished he’d nominated him.

For the last ever round of nominations in the current series, the group were gathered on the sofas and told they would have to nominate their fellow ‘BB’ housemates face-to-face.


Mark talks to the group after a few sherberts

Mark, one of the first to vote, opted for Pav and Chris, but after seeing a number of the others voting for Christopher due to his change in personality over the past few days, he later confided in some of the group that he wished he’d voted for Christopher too.

And once Mark had some alcohol, he simply couldn’t seem to keep his feelings to himself, and went on to tell Christopher exactly what he thought while they were sitting with the rest of the group.


As he lay on his potential love interest in the garden, Mark said that “under fairer circumstances” he would have voted for Christopher, claiming that voting for Chris was a "cop out", but added: “I’m not going to throw you under the truck as you did me”, referring to an argument earlier in the week when Christopher said Mark was the "biggest game player" in the house.

At that point, Christopher had clearly had enough, branding Mark a “drunken f***ing idiot” and storming into the bedroom, where he told Chris: “I will not be ashamed of the person I like.

“I would never publicly embarrass them, humiliate them, speak badly of them in front of other people, so he can f*** right off.

“I’m calling time on this sh*t before it goes any further.”

The pair have had an unconventional rapport during their time in the house, to say the least, initially insisting they were just friends, before a number of under-the-covers disappearances suggested there may be more to their friendship than was first thought.

They’re now both facing the public vote in the final eviction before the live final, alongside Winston, Pav and Chris, who was added to the running as part of a twist on Tuesday.

Find out exactly how Chris wound up for eviction in Wednesday’s ‘Big Brother’ highlights show, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

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