How Important Is Penis Size? There's Good News...And Bad News

Fellas, there's good news and bad news regarding penis size.

The good news is that out of all the primates, you officially have the biggest penis.

(Sadly not mammals - that accolade belongs to the blue whale which can stretch up to 10 feet).

The bad news is, as AsapSCIENCE states, due to sexual selection, penis size does matter. According to the chap in the video, women tend to select men with big penises or what they perceive to be big, in order to procreate. it's much in the way birds pick male mates with the brightest feathers.

However all is not lost. Ultimately, while size may make a difference, women and gay men aren't idiots: humour and personality counts for a lot too.

P.S: There's a seriously disturbing section involving spoons. You'll see what we mean.