Paddy Power Twitter Account Strings Along Steve Who Definitely Thinks He's Going to Pull

Over the weekend, the early stages of what promised to be a glorious love affair was played out in front of thousands of people on Twitter.

Only it wasn't. It was a devilishly cruel charade spun by Paddy Power on an unsuspecting man called Steve - or a brilliant PR stunt.

Whatever the true nature, it was rather amusing. It all began when our aforementioned protagonist sent a text after a night out to a girl he'd met called Jess.

Thing is, he actually sent it to the moderator of the Paddy Power Twitter account who made absolutely zero effort to correct his mistake.

Oh, and he also broadcast everything on the internet.

He then set about mercilessly setting up poor Steve to think he could be in with a chance of a hot date.

This little piece of very-pubic flirting/deception continued with each tweet attracting hundred of retweets and favourites.

After a while though Paddy Power man decided enough was enough and Steve had to be let in on the joke - but he wasn't going to give in easily though.

Well played Paddy Power and well taken Steve.