UPDATE: There Are NOT 23 Million Robots On Twitter

sammyc via Getty Images

UPDATE: This story originally reported that up to 23 million Twitter accounts were robots -- or automatic posters.

But a revised look at the numbers shows that we got it wrong.

Quartz, who originally reported Twitter's SEC filing which contained '23 million automated accounts' figure in this story, have now clarified their wording on what the figures mean.

While it was originally thought the 8.5% figure referred to users who use automated systems to post messages, it actually refers to users who use an automated service to read tweets - which is quite different.

The result is that while around 23 million Twitter accounts use a way to read Tweets automatically, or use them to enable a system like If This Then That, it doesn't mean that 23 million accounts are bots or automated posters.

The original story was based on an SEC filing which you can read here.

The filing also noted that about 3% (8 million) of Twitter's accounts use Tweetdeck, and that 7 million use other third-party apps.

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