10 Things You Need To Ask Before You Buy A Large Piece Of Furniture

poligonchik via Getty Images

Tempting as it might be to make an impulse purchase - when buying a large piece of furniture for your home, a little caution and restraint goes a long way.

In other words, before you dash out and splurge on that bright orange ‘totally on-trend’ sofa you spotted in Vogue – or that ‘bargain’ art deco wardrobe with a broken rail and no shelf space – think about whether this piece is really going to work in your home.

“Buying a large piece of furniture on impulse can end up being an expensive mistake,” warns interior designer, Anna Palmer of Anna Palmer Interiors.

“Just because something is in the sale doesn’t mean it is a ‘bargain’. With major purchases, buying the best you can afford will pay off in the long run. Plus quality always stands out in any room,” she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

And money is far from the only consideration here.

"Your budget is a major factor, but there are several other elements you need to think about, too, such as space, style and a full consideration of the options that you have available,” says Rebecca Tucker, interior designer and co-director of Suna Interior Design. “This is not a decision to be taken lightly.”

To help you avoid living in a world of regret (“Orange? What was I thinking?”) or disappointment (“But there’s nowhere to put my shoes!”) further down the line, we asked Rebecca to tell us the most important questions we need to ask before taking the plunge with a major new furniture purchase...