This 'Gamescom Booth Babes' Video Is The Sexist Nadir Of Games Journalism

Still Think The Games Industry Isn't Sexist? Watch This.

"Gamescom is not only about games, it's also about booth babes."

So begins what might be the worst four minutes in modern games 'journalism'.

Zoomin.TV Games has just published a video on YouTube which represents everything wrong (and thankfully increasingly rare) with the video games industry, conference culture, games media and, let's face it, sexism in general.

The video showcases what it calls "the five hottest booth babes of Gamescom 2014" and features reporter Katharina Lopez standing with various groups of mostly awkward looking 'babes', asking them about ... nothing very much.

It's a countdown, with the "hottest" booth babes coming last, standing in front of giant advertising boards of their respective paymasters' games. It's almost interminably boring, very weird, and uncomfortable to watch.

This is the video, presented not as entertainment but as evidence:

Booth babes are a long-standing point of controversy in the world of tech. Aside from the widespread evidence that they don't actually work as a method of generating leads, there's the also the fact that they do work as a method of generating anger, of alienating female (and male) gamers and undermining the complexities and value of modern games as a whole.

For the 37,000 people who have watched the video so far, however, there are different problems with the clip.

"Ok, let me watch this video the way it should be....with my pants off," writes one viewer commenting under the YouTube page.

"Its not just boobs that make a beautiful women! They are always nice but come on. Half of these women are average women... just with bigger than average tits."

Others give up on describing the women in the videos as human beings altogether:

Ultimately, it's pretty clear that there is so much wrong in this four minutes of video that we don't really know where to begin.

But next time someone tries to tell you that sexism in games isn't a problem, maybe show them this.

As for Gamescom there was genuine news at the event. Here's some of it:

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