What's The Fastest Mobile Network In The UK? EE, But Only Just

This Is Every UK Mobile Network Ranked, Once And For All

Which is the best mobile network?

According to Rootmetrics, based on 4G speed, and voice and text reliability, it's... EE.

The network was judged top overall by Rootmetrics -- though figures have shown that the traditionally wide gap between best and worst is smaller than ever.

In fact, EE only barely came out on top: EE and Three scored 85.5 and 82.7 respectively, while the two networks actually tied in terms of reliability.

The story is less rosy for O2 and Vodafone who scored 68.1 and 67 respectively for data performance, placing both networks some way behind EE and Three.

Vodafone has confirmed that it will be spending nearly £1bn this year on improving its services saying.

"Regular independent testing of our network shows that our customers are experiencing a significantly improving network every day due to our massive ongoing investment,"

O2's response has been to highlight that the Rootmetrics test is just one of many that are being carried out by a variety of different companies.

"As we continue to roll out our 4G service an modernise our 2G and 3G networks at the same time, the results from the Spirent survey demonstrate that our investment of £3bn over the next three years will help us to deliver faster speeds and greater coverage across the UK, ensuring our customers continue to have a great network experience."

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