Customers should start getting data again through their devices.
The company says it is working to fix the issue as quickly as possible.
While EE appears to have been the worst affected, DownDetector shows that almost all the major phone networks have been suffering
Why miss out on those home comforts?
When connecting with nature just feels like far too much effort you can always rely on technology to connect with you instead
EE has unveiled groundbreaking plans to provide 4G services to rural communities and disaster areas using helium balloons
On the other side of tech town, though, Three and EE are investigating in network-level ad blocking on a serious scale. What will customers choose? Which team will prevail? Keep locking and unlocking that smartphone of yours. Only time will tell.
EE has confirmed it is experiencing technical problems with mobile signal, leaving some customers nationwide unable to make
A medical student who sustained burns after a portable phone charger set fire to her bedroom says the device "exploded like