Greggs' Logo Nightmare Over As Google Comes To The Rescue

In another one of those 'Google seeming to unintentionally slander a company incident', a quick search for 'Greggs' turned up a rather unexpected image result...

Yup that's right, apparently the high-street baking behemoth has been putting something unpleasant in its steak bakes all these years.

Oh dear.

We're not exactly sure how this has happened. Maybe it's a mistake, a result of a dedicated spoof, or a combination of both.

And neither do they apparently.

Interestingly, a similar thing happened to PC World back in March.

UPDATE: Joy for Greggs: Google has pulled the logo and is working on a replacement.

Here is the search term as it appeared as of 3.45PM on Tuesday:

And here's Greggs' reaction:

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