Katie Price Slams Ex-Boyfriend Danny Cipriani After He's Spotted With 'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Jasmine Waltz


Katie Price has made some pretty scathing comments about her rugby player ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani, after he was spotted out and about with celebrated American actress and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant, Jasmine Waltz.

Branding him “Danny Chipolata” - whatever could she be referring to? - in her latest column for Now magazine, she’s also not exactly full of praise for Jasmine either, claiming the two are like “two peas in a pod” and “really do suit each other”.

Katie Price

Katie writes: “I’ve no respect for her after the way she acted on ‘Celeb BB’ and what she did to Lee Ryan [selling a story after their relationship ended].

“I wouldn’t trust her and I certainly wouldn’t trust Danny. Jasmine’s obviously back in the UK to make some money, so watch this space. I can’t wait to read her kiss’n’tell on Danny once he’s done the dirty on her, too…”

Danny Cipriani

The former glamour model has previously claimed, in her autobiography ‘Love, Lipstick and Lies’, that she’d caught Danny in bed with another woman during their time together.

She’s since married builder and occasional-stripper Kieran Hayler, and gave birth to their baby daughter earlier this month, though to say it’s been smooth-sailing for the couple wouldn’t exactly be accurate.

Jasmine Waltz

Meanwhile, since her relationship with her fellow ‘CBB’ housemate Lee Ryan ended earlier this year, Jasmine has been pretty harsh in her assessment of him, slamming him as “2% man, 98% bulls**t” on Twitter, and telling the The Sun he was self-obsessed and deluded about his career.

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