Cheryl Cole Accepts Fellow ‘X Factor' Judge Simon Cowell's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

Challenge Accepted!

Cheryl Cole has proven that’s she game for a laugh - and for raising cash for charity - by accepting Simon Cowell’s ALS ice bucket challenge.

On Wednesday morning, ‘X Factor’ judge Si challenged his fellow panellist to take the icy task and just hours later, Cheryl was happy to oblige.

Before having the bucket of freezing cold water dunked on her head, Cheryl made her own nominations, picking her pal Nicola Roberts, One Direction’s Liam Payne and Piers Morgan.

The pressure is now on for the trio to accept, and in turn, pick three more participants.

Ahead of his challenge, Si nominated all three of his fellow ‘X Factor’ judges to take part, though Cheryl is currently the only one to share a vid of herself being soaked online.

At present, the craze has raised millions of pounds for charities in the UK and across the pond, and could even raise more that the #nomakeupselfie trend, which saw Cancer Research UK receive over £8 million in donations.

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