Ice Bucket Challenge Sparks Animal Cruelty Investigation After Video Emerges Of Puppy Dunked In Water

WARNING: Some viewers may find this video distressing

The RSCPA has launched an investigation after a shocking video emerged of a teenager thrusting his dog into a bucket of water in an apparent "Ice Bucket Challenge."

The boy - who is believed to live in London - ignores the puppy's yelps and desperate attempts to wriggle free, forcing it into the water.

During the video he says: "Here’s my dog and she’s doing the ice bucket challenge. She wants to nominate all the other dogs here and all the cats as well, yeah."

The RSPCA is investigating the video

The dog is slammed head-first into the bucket

The RSPCA slammed the video, saying it "goes against everything" the charity campaign stands for.

"Any responsible pet owner would be shocked by this," a spokesperson said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post UK.

"It is likely that the puppy in the footage could have been caused distress, if not harm, and we are very concerned that others would think this is appropriate.

"Causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is an offence under law and we would strongly urge people not to copy this video.”

The boy reportedly defended himself on Facebook, before removing the original post, saying, “I’m sorry my dog slipped out my hand.”