Charities rely on building bonds and relationships with the public to drive awareness, fundraising and sharing of their stories and successes - bonds which are forged in empathy and humanity. People don't want to be bullied into supporting causes, (and, arguably, such 'support' would be disingenuous and short-lived at best).
This World Water Day we're asking everyone who has the luxury to pour clean water over their head to instead consider donating the cost of a still bottle of water to someone who really needs it. Unlike kissing a twiglet it could help to save millions of lives
The success of the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign was fundamentally reliant on the natural human impulse to engage and partake in social causes, the ever evolving human need to be a part of a global community and the viral exposure that social media facilitates.
From the slick 'Yes' campaign that almost delivered a sensational victory in the Scottish independence referendum to the embarrassing spectacle of Ed Miliband's attempt to eat a bacon sandwich, 2014 has demonstrated the increasing importance of presenting the right image. But who were the biggest PR winners and losers of the year?