James Foley Execution 'Re-Enacted By Child On Twitter'

Disturbing images have emerged of a young child appearing to emulate “Jihad John,” the British Islamic State militant who allegedly beheaded American photo-journalist James Foley last week.

Holding a large knife and standing in front of the black flag, the masked child appeared to "re-enact" Foley's execution by beheading a doll in an orange jumpsuit.

The young boy appears to re-enact the brutal murder of the US journalist James Foley

The chilling images were posted on Twitter by the account Time of the Caliphate, which reportedly supports the Islamic State.

Graphic stills from the video of Foley’s execution were also posted on the account.

The picture of the young child was posted along with the disturbing message: "Teach your children to cut necks, tomorrow there will be a lot of rotten heads."

The decapitated doll

Footage issued by Islamic State militants that shows 'jihad John'

The jihadist in the execution video, which shows Foley kneeling in the desert with his head shaved and wearing an orange jumpsuit before he is beheaded, is believed to be the ringleader of a group of UK-born extremists, and using the name 'John'.

They are apparently responsible for guarding Western hostages in the stronghold of Raqqa, and nicknamed after members of the Beatles, with the two others dubbed Paul and Ringo.

Several recent reports have already claimed to show children fighting for the terrorist group.

A baby-faced Belgian schoolboy is believed to be one of the Islamic State's youngest jihadists, having left his country to become one of the many foreign fighters waging jihad in Syria, aged just 13.

Younes Abaaound’s father, reportedly a shopkeeper called Omar and originally from Morocco, has said the boy was taken to Syria after Abdelhamid had been brainwashed in Belgium.

The image was posted with the caption: “That’s my boy.”

'That's my boy': This horrific picture was reportedly posted to Khaled Sharrouf's twitter account

The United Nations have voiced their condemnation, stating that the IS are responsible for recruiting children.

“Armed opposition groups have been responsible for the recruitment and use of children both in combat and support roles, as well as for conducting military operations, including using terror tactics, in civilian-populated areas, leading to civilian casualties, including children,” a United Nations report on children in Syria, published last February stated.

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