3D Projected Sphere Is One Step Closer To Holograms


This sphere is officially known as "A 3D perspective-corrected interactive spherical scalable display." What it really is though is one step closer to everyone having a hologram in their home.

The Spheree has a number of tiny projectors in its base, then by using infrared cameras dotted around it the image is then scaled and adjusted as the person moves around giving the appearance of a completely 3D object.

The researchers from Canada and Brazil were able to create a completely seamless image by writing their own software program called FastFusion.

It essentially irons out the kinks that come with humans moving erratically around the sphere, instead keeping the image itself perfectly still.

At present the system uses low-resolution pico projectors but the aim is that with the use of higher-resolution products and Leap Motion the team will be able to create a revolutionary display that could be invaluable for designers or architects.

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