'Doctor Who' Lesbian/Lizard Kiss Scene Sparks Ofcom Complaints

A small number of 'Doctor Who' viewers got themselves in a right old tizz during the first episode of the new series on Saturday night over a scene that featured a lady-on-lizard kiss.

Yep, there are actually a few people out there (six, to be precise) who were so offended by lizard woman Madame Vastra locking lips with her human wife Jenny that they actually felt compelled to complain to Ofcom.

Some people are lizbians: get over it

The offending kiss featured in a scene of the first episode to star Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, alongside his companion Jenna Coleman.

Madame Vastra kisses Jenny as the couple are forced to hold their breath as they hide from killer droids.

Cue cries of 'gratuitous' and 'unnecessary' being flung about, according to The Independent.

Madame Vastra

Meanwhile, Pink News reports that another viewer accused the sci-fi show's executive producer Steven Moffat of being 'on some weird, lizard-lesbian perv trip'.

Another wrote: “Found those characters that liked to display their preferences to be inappropriate for a children’s program, but the BBC seem to want to become a porn channel and are slowly edging into it.

“I think they wish to come out of the closet, well I have no objection to that if they become a private adult channel, but not on our licence fee.”

Blimey, we know lizbianism is the love that dare not speak its name, but shouldn't everyone just calm down?

Ofcom certainly think so. They won't be investigating.

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