Hugh Grant Plays Unsure English Gentleman In Rom-Com 'The Rewrite' - Sound Familiar?

In Shock Twist, Hugh Grant To Play English Gent Unsure In Love And Stuff

Hugh Grant is making his return to romantic comedy in the film 'The Rewrite'.

The 'Four Weddings' and 'Notting Hill' star will play Keith Michaels, a man who was once on top of the world - a Golden Globe Award and a hit movie to his name, a beautiful wife and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wit and charm.

Hugh Grant plays Keith Michaels, a man in need of a plan...

But that was fifteen years ago. Now, he’s divorced, broke, approaching fifty and hasn’t written a hit film in years.

Luckily, his agent has a job for him – a university in the quiet town of Binghamton is looking for someone to teach a course in screenwriting, and with an empty wallet as his motivation, Keith can’t say no.

Watch Hugh Grant in action above. Still got it?

Hoping to give minimal attention to his duties and focus on writing a new script, his attitude slowly begins to turn when he meets Holly (Marisa Tomei), a single mum working two jobs to earn her degree.

Hugh Grant with Julia Roberts in 'Notting Hill'

The pair find themselves connected by their mutual need for a second chance.

Hugh Grant has only made a handful of films in the past decade, during which time he's become a father twice and perfected his golf.

But if anyone can pull off this kind of loveable, bumbling, well-meaning Englishman, it's him. It's the kind of role he made his own, with hits 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', 'Notting Hill' and the 'Bridget Jones' films making him one of the country's most successful actors. To those critics who accuse him of having a limited range, Hugh Grant has always said, "It's more difficult than it looks."

And certainly, no one else has come close to weaving the same kind of spell over rom-com cinema-goers in the past decade, or filling his unique space. So his return date to the screen is long overdue.

'The Rewrite' is in UK cinemas from 8 October. Watch the trailer above.


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