hugh grant

The Notting Hill actor responded in a typically brilliant Hugh Grant way.
The pair discussed a drunken meeting they'd had as Hugh made an appearance on Drew's US chat show.
Sally Phillips joked that the pair were "even more embarrassed" about having to film the scrap in front of the A-lister.
The British actor suffered some debilitating (and "explosive") stomach issues while making one of his first films.
“I’ve rented two teenagers to come and homeschool them. Poor things, they don’t know what’s hit them. Ghastly."
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The British actor has received a nod for his role in The Undoing.
The actor played prime minister, David, who falls for Downing Street staff member Natalie in the 2003 classic.
The Oscar-winning star has spoken about how the intense drama took its toll.
The Undoing star recently collaborated with Charlie Brooker on the Netflix special Death To 2020.
He compared the Oscar-winning star's attempt to "Princess Margaret having a stroke".
The former EastEnders star also admitted suffering from imposter syndrome before shooting her role as Natalie.
The former EastEnders star played Downing Street staff member Natalie in the 2003 romcom.
The two actors have remained close since appearing in Bridget Jones's Diary together almost 20 years ago.
Susanne Bier, director of the hit whodunit, discusses the ending that left theorists befuddled.
The actor plays oncologist Jonathan Fraser in HBO's psychological thriller.
"It started as just a very strange syndrome... I thought, 'I don't know what this is'."
It seems the former king of rom-coms isn't a fan of a "happily ever after" ending.