29/08/2014 06:25 BST | Updated 29/08/2014 06:59 BST

Lightning Hits A Plane Inside A Rainbow

This incredible photo shows the moment a plane was struck by lightning while flying through a rainbow.

It's hard to imagine another situation where you'll see that exact sentence, so soak it in and enjoy the fact that there will probably never be a photo like this again.

You can thank German photographer Birk Möbius who happened to be at the Aerodrome in Taucha, Germany when the lightning strike took place.

Lightning strikes on aircraft are far more common than you might expect, in fact it's believed that the average airplane will be struck once every two years in its lifetime.

Thankfully aircraft designers have been compensating for these scenarios for some time so modern aircraft have a very thin layer of copper on the outside skin, effectively turning the entire aircraft into a faraday cage.

This protects not only the passengers inside but also the electronics of the plane. Fuel tanks as well are built to withstand over 30,000 degrees in heat making them more than capable of protecting against lightning.