Boy Born Without A Brain Dies Aged 12 Of Hydranencephaly

Boy Born Without A Brain Dies Aged 12

A boy born without a brain has defied all medical odds to survive until the age of 12 before dying peacefully.

Trevor Judge Waltrip was born on Christmas Eve 2001 with a rare condition called hydranencephaly which meant his cerebral hemispheres were completely absent and replaced with cerebro-spinal fluid.

The boy was completely blind and unable to communicate but could breathe on his own and respond to some stimuli.

Trevor pictured in 2003. For more pictures click here.

His mother said in 2003: "He's so alert and hates to be alone. He'll sense that, too."

He was looked after by his family and a team of therapists and fed through a tube.

In 2005 his mother added: "I look at it like he's here for a reason and I thank God everyday for it."

Those born with the condition - which has no known cure or treatment - usually only live to the age of 12 weeks, so to nearly make it to his teenage years is astonishing.

Trevor died last Monday.

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