Even If You've Had Ice Bucket Overkill, This Five-Year-Old's Version Will Melt Your Heart

As the Ice Bucket Challenge hype begins to die down, a video with a difference has come to our attention.

And we have to say, while watching our mates get soaked for a good cause is pretty funny, this is far more touching.

Five-year-old Albert Tansey wanted to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge but couldn't due to an underlying health condition.

Albert was born with half a heart and it's therefore not "good for [him] to get cold".

He has a lower amount of oxygen in his blood and coldness can put his organs under more pressure.

In his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Albert explains that he needs a new heart by showing a series of placards to the camera.

While participants are expected to donate money to The ALS Association after completing their Ice Bucket challenge, Albert says there is no need to donate or nominate after viewing his video.

All Albert asks is for viewers to join the Organ Donor Register to help people like him.