Man With Motor Neurone Disease Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

A US man with motor neurone disease has taken part in the #icebucketchallenge, a social media trend where participants film themselves throwing ice-cold water over their heads and post the video online, nominating others to do the same.

While everyone from David Beckham to Mark Zuckerberg have taken part, David Kurt McClain's video post takes the focus away from the celebrities and back to where it should be - the cause. Because after all, this social media trend is about a very serious and debilitating illness.

David suffers from motor neurone disease, or ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) as it is commonly known in the US. He has lived with the condition for more than 12 years and is paralysed from the shoulders down.

Despite this, David maintains a positive attitude and volunteered to take part in the challenge.

Speaking through a speech synthesizer that he uses to communicate, David explains the disease and calls on his Facebook fans to take the challenge and to donate.

Support the Motor Neurone Disease Association in the United Kingdom or the ALS Association in the United States.

You can also donate to David McClain's foundation here.