Sony's Smartwatch 3 Is More Than Just A Smart Watch


Believe it or not but Sony is one of the few brands that has been investing in the smart watch for quite some time, in fact it's actually one of the first brands to have mass-launched an Android smart watch.

The Smartwatch 3 then is the result of hard lessons learned, lessons that the rest of the industry has looked at and responded to - one of the disadvantages with being the pioneer in a particular product sector.

Looking at it and it's clear that Sony has had to drastically rethink how it was going to make a smart wearable device. The Smartwatch 2 -- although well built and good looking -- was not a fluid product.

The notifications system was an 'all or nothing' policy that made you want to delete your own Twitter account while the screen was small and low-resolution.

A lot has changed since then. Sony has embraced Google's way of thinking and so the Smartwatch 3 runs Android Wear. This not only solves the notifications problem but also helps give Sony a design platform upon which to build.

Pick it up for the first time and you'll realise that first and foremost, this is about mobility. There's no leather straps here, instead Sony has opted for a thick sturdy rubber strap within which the Smartwatch 3 module snugly sits.

The design is pleasant enough however we'd be keen to see Sony announce some more premium-looking straps because ultimately this watch has to be as suitable for the gym as it is for the dinner table.

This rather neatly leads us onto our next point: The straps. You see the Smartwatch 3 isn't really an entire watch, instead it's a small square module that can be placed inside a number of different straps.

One of the key advantages of this is the easy replacement of straps, the second is that it gives Sony the opportunity to expand past watch straps, it could be placed within an armband, or even on the hip.

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