05/09/2014 04:45 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 04:59 BST

Islamic State Massacred Hundreds Of Iraqi Army Recruits. One, Ali Hussein Kadhim, Survived

Ali Hussein Kadhim is the only known survivor of a massacre in which ISIS - now known as Islamic State (IS) - murdered hundreds of Iraqi army recruits.

After capturing the soldiers in Tikrit in June, IS allowed the Sunni among them to repent for their services to the government.

But Kadhim, 23, and all the other "infidel" Shia were marked for death.

ali hussein kadhim

Ali Hussein Kadhim survived by pretending to be dead

Lined into groups and marked for death, they were shot one by one so that their bodies would fall into a freshly-dug trench.

Blood spattered across Kadhim's face when the first man in his line was murdered.

He remembered seeing another militant with a camera, filming everything for the video IS would later upload.

“I saw my daughter in my mind, saying ‘father, father,'” he said.

When they came to shoot him, he felt a bullet fly past his head, and he fell down, pretending to be shot.

Later, militants walked among the dead. When they spotted another Shia who had been shot but had survived, they said they would leave him to "suffer" rather than finish him off.

He remained in the same position for hours before making a dash for freedom.

After his extraordinary escape from the militants who walked among the corpses, searching for survivors - he was tracked down by The New York Times to tell his story.