04/09/2014 07:49 BST | Updated 04/09/2014 11:59 BST

Playboy Bunnies: Photographer Captures The Changing Face Of Women's Beauty

Playboy bunnies are synonymous with long limbs, pert breasts, fuzzy tails and bunny ears... the epitome of old school pin-up style sexiness.

Not to be confused with Playmates, who featured in Playboy Magazine, the bunnies worked at the members-only chain of nightclubs known as the Playboy Club.

Working as cocktail waitresses and hostesses, the women contributed to an annual turnover of millions of dollars.

But in an industry that sees beauty only in youth, what happens to bunnies when grow up?

Following the most recent International Playboy Club Reunion, where retired bunnies meet for old times' sake, we wanted to revisit Robyn Twomey's series that depicts the bunnies as they reach the autumn of life and challenges rigid notions of female beauty.

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Speaking to HuffPost Arts & Culture in 2012, then 70-year-old ex-bunny Bobbie Brese described her time at the Sunset Strip Club, California.

"It was the most exciting time of my life," she said. "The original Bunnies were one of a kind. It was really kind of interesting, they were all in show business."

When asked whether the bunnies still keep in touch she said: "We still try to connect, we still call every once and a while. I had a reunion at my house a little while back and all the girls came over. My husband was like, "Where are the Bunnies?!" I was like, "Honey, we don't look like that any more!" I think I'm one of the oldest; I'm 70. It's been that long. It's incredible. It's more than just a college reunion. It is closer than that; we were like a sorority."