04/09/2014 15:17 BST | Updated 05/09/2014 09:59 BST

Ukip's Elizabeth Jones Completely Loses It On Radio And Screams At Guest To Shut Up

Ukip's vice chairwoman for Southwark was on the radio recently - and it did not go well.

Elizabeth Jones was debating her party's policies on Tuesday along with the upcoming Clacton by-election when she... well she just totally lost it.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Jones has explained her outburst and it's even more sensational than the original story.

When entering a slightly heated section of dialogue with fellow guest, Helen Patterrson of the Socialist Party, Jones turned up the temperature all the way to 'Hades' and screamed (and we mean screamed): "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!!!"

Fast-forward to 13:40...

Oh. My. Lordy.


Jones then attempts to explain herself by saying: "Since 2010 I've had the Left wing shouting at me and I'm not going to tolerate it any more. It ends now.

"I will explain myself if you be quiet when I explain myself and DO NOT INTERRUPT ME."

Her rather flabbergasted opponent then laughs in disbelief.

But then it gets even better!!!

For Jones does explain herself but in a voice that has suddenly become so posh it sounds like she's auditioning to stand in for the Queen on Christmas Day.

But at least they got this lovely photo...

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