Ukip's Elizabeth Jones's Excuse For Radio Outburst Is Amazing

Yesterday we brought you the amazing story of Ukip's Elizabeth Jones, who did a little bit of local radio and then preceded to completely lose her composure live on air.

In a debate with Helen Pattison of the Socialist Party, Ukip's vice chairwoman for Southwark lost her cool in rather dramatic style and screamed (and we mean screamed) at her opponent, telling her to "SHUT UP!!".

Shortly after publication, Jones got in touch with the Huffington Post UK to explain the outburst. Below is her statement...

Elizabeth Jones

"Any listener to the interview need only carry on for about 2 more minutes and then they will hear Helen of TUSC admit that her brain is so scrambled, that she can no longer speak words coherently and she duly surrendered the microphone, this being reflective of her mental state.

"I had called the interview to order to restore some dignity.

"I stand by the interview and hope that Helen recovers and wish her well."

Now there's a couple of issues here. Firstly it's apparent that Patterson's brain is "scrambled", because, as she says herself, she's "never been spoken to so rudely in all her life".

As such, far from "surrendering the microphone", Patterson is clearly so flabbergasted and possibly slightly afraid that she allows Jones to speak uninterrupted less she unleash another outburst.

Secondly, there is a difference between "calling an interview to order" and screaming like a banshee.

Thirdly, it's in rather bad taste to wish someone a recovery from an alleged 'mental affliction' you've personally diagnosed after just yelling in their face.

Helen got in touch with us and gave her side of events.

She said: "During a radio interview with UKIP’s Elizabeth Jones, I was really shocked when she turned to me and screamed in my face to shut up.

"I was asked to debate with her on the radio and was glad to expose Jones and UKIP for the pro-austerity right-wingers that they really are.

"On top of her behaviour, when Jones finally turned up for the interview, she suggested climate change wasn’t real, that we should scrap inheritance tax to protect the rich and big business, and a flat rate of income tax.

"I’m always happy to have serious political debates but why should I be treated with less respect than anyone else?"

Also, here's a video of Jones at a Ukip conference in 2013. It's remarkable how posh someone can become in little over a year.