08/09/2014 08:01 BST | Updated 08/09/2014 16:59 BST

This Proves Disney Princes Would Make Terrible Boyfriends In Real Life (VIDEO)

When you've had a bad date, have you ever wondered why real life men can't be more like Prince Charming?

Embarrassingly, so have we - but the above video shows how we shouldn't place Prince Charming and the other Disney fellas on a pedestal.

In reality, Disney princes would make pretty crappy boyfriends.


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Take the Beast from Beauty and the Beast - we know he's meant to be an ill-treated gentle giant, but would you really want to date someone who had previously locked your father in their basement? Probs not.

Then there's Aladdin - we don't know about you, but we'd be a bit freaked out if our new beau announced they'd been pretending to be a Prince for a significant part of our relationship. It's like thinking you were dating Harry, then realising you weren't.

And Prince Charming himself has to be one of the worst offenders - his dad throws him a party so he can find a girlfriend, and while the prince seems totally cool with that, the whole arrangement sounds pretty seedy to us.

Suddenly, Tinder looks a whole lot more romantic...

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