Amazing New Record Breakers Make The 2015 Guinness World Records Book

Check Out These Amazing New Guinness World Record Breakers

Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, has announced the greatest new records to make it into their 2015 book - which is also the 60th anniversary edition of the world’s best-selling copyright book.

New entries include the world's longest tongue - which belongs to Californian Nick Stoeberl, and measures 10.1cm:

American Beth Johnson, who has created the world’s largest yo-yo:

And the one and only Commander Chris Hadfield - for making the first music video filmed in space:

But the UK is also strongly represented - including Lancashire’s Nick Bennett, who owns the largest collection of James Bond memorabilia, and London’s Yannick Read, who has created the world’s smallest caravan. Check out their feats - and others - below:

Nick Bennett - Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia

Guinness World Record Breakers 2015

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