How Twitter Exploded During Apple iPhone And Apple Watch Announcement

Watch Twitter Explode When The iPhone 6 Was Announced

The iPhone 6 was announced on Tuesday, absorbed on Wednesday and it's available to pre-order on Friday.

But even though it's only been a few days, it already feels a little bit too familiar - as if it's already impossible to remember why we were so excited.

Watch this visualisation of Twitter on the big day, however, and you'll be about to relive just how intense the action was for that two hours of magic, stuttering live-streams and new hardware reveals.

This is a visual version of every Tweet about the iPhone 6 (in blue) and the Apple Watch (in red). It's clear when each was released - particularly the Watch, since we weren't sure about that name until the news.

Head over to this site to see a more complete version, and dig down into the data for different areas of the US.

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