Watch The Moment Ian Paisley Got Thrown Out Of The House Of Commons

Watch Ian Paisley Get Thrown Out Of The House Of Commons

Firebrand preacher Dr Ian Paisley, who passed away today, was once thrown out of the House of Commons for calling a Tory cabinet minister a liar.

In a tense stand-off in December 1993, speaker Betty Boothroyd ordered the Democratic and Unionist Party leader his accusation that then Northern Ireland secretary Sir Patrick Mayhew had spoken "falsehoods".

"The Secretary of State has rubbished any suggestion of such talks [with the IRA}. He has rubbished anyone who dared, at a press conference, to put questions on that to him," he told MPs.

"When we met him and the Prime Minister in the past week, he rubbished the suggestion again and said that there was no such thing. The people of Northern Ireland today demand that the Secretary of State explains why he issued falsehoods himself, got officials to issue falsehoods and got Downing street to back up those falsehoods."

Dr Paisley, however, refused to back down, telling the speaker that "there are far too many issues in Northern Ireland that weigh on me at this time".

Doubling down on his remarks, he went on: "The people of Northern Ireland would say to me, "Why did not you stand by what you said outside the House?", and I stand by what I said. It was a falsehood: it was worse, it was a lie."

Dr Paisley was then expelled from the chamber after the speaker "named" him in the House, with MPs voting 272 to 25 in favour to suspend him for five days.

Boothroyd later recalled that the DUP leader had "no grudge against her" and, when they met on his return to Parliament, he seemed "full of beans" and offered her his hand.

"I want to thank you for the gracious way you threw me out the other day," he said. "I got the front page of the Belfast Telegraph and you got page three!"


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