'Be Nice To Girls': Dad Transforms Kid's Ray Rice Football Jerseys With Anti-Violence Against Women Statement

But while Rice may not be finding his way onto the pitch any time soon, his surname remains printed on the back of many Ravens' fans' jerseys - and they are unsure what exactly to do with them.

Rather than chuck them into the bin or burn them on the fire, one family have come up with an ingenious idea to turn a name tarred by domestic violence into something more positive.

Bryan and Angie Bartlett, parents to 9-year-old son Bryson and 6-year-old daughter Brynn, decided to transform their children's jerseys into a strong pro-women message.

Bryan took his kids' jerseys and added a few extra letters- before long the name 'Rice' became the message 'Be Nice To Girls'.

“It just seemed over the top to destroy it,” Bryan Bartlett told TODAY Parents. “It just kind of popped into my head: Rice, nice.”

“I was just hopefully teaching my daughter that we expect that guys always are nice to you and treat you with respect and that you don’t put up with anybody being mean or hitting you or anything like that ever. It’s just never acceptable,” he added.

"What a way to make a statement! You have started something amazing...." wrote one Facebook user.

"Awesome way to fix that jersey!!" said another.

What do you think of the idea?