This VR Headset Involves Strapping An iPad To Your Face

Kickstarter campaign AirVR has a rather unique alternative to the DIY virtual reality headset. While Samsung's Gear VR uses a headset and a Galaxy Note 4 to create virtual reality, the AirVR takes things possibly a step too far.

So the first problem: AirVR requires an iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Mini. While we can understand using an iPhone 6 Plus, the idea of strapping an iPad Mini to your head doesn't exactly seem like the most sensible -- or comfortable -- idea.

Despite this the team at Canadian-based Metatecture are determined to see it through so for $49 Canadian dollars you'll be able to help fund the project and get an iPhone 6 Plus compatible VR headset.

Of course the next problem is apps. While it's all well and good making a VR headset for iOS devices there are only a handful of VR experiences that can work on the iPhone or iPad.

Finally there's how you'd look. So we're not suggesting you should wear this out and about but still, you are essentially strapping an iPad to your face, and there's no getting around that.

It's a bold idea and if it takes us one step closer to affordable VR then we're all for it, we just wish it didn't have to involve strapping tablets to ourselves.

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