Think Sexism's Over? Think Again

As if recent research showing more than a third of female students have experienced unwanted sexual advances wasn't enough, a new video from BBC Free Speech has shown just how bad it is.

Anyone who thinks sexism is over and feminism can shut up shop is in for a rude awakening. Many students still feel feminism is taken as a joke on university campuses, and indeed the recent figures published by the NUS prompted calls for universities to tackle the issue.

As part of its live show every two weeks, in which they debate news and current issues, BBC Free Speech took to the streets to ask young women the all-important question: 'Do we live in a sexist society?'.

Men were later asked for similar comments via the Free Speech Facebook page. Some of the comments they received in response to these images are shocking. Watch for yourself and see what you think:

BBC Free Speech Takes To The Streets