UFO 'Five Miles Wide' Caught Hovering Above The Ocean In NASA Photo

Massive UFO Discovered In NASA Photo...

Brace yourselves for inanity.

Someone has found a five-mile-wide black disc hovering over the ocean in a NASA photograph.

Our friends at UFO Sightings Daily, a blog somehow able to deliver 'MIND BLOWING!' content on the greatest conspiracies in human history once every 24 hours, published news of the find on Thursday.

The disc was discovered in a picture taken November 2013, the original (much darker) version of which is still available on NASA's website.

The website says that while the UFO appears to be above the ocean, it's actually hiding underneath it - though not very well, clearly.

Here's a before and after (NASA pic on the left):

And the pic of interest itself:

"This shows a massive stealth black disk over the ocean. The dimensions are almost perfect. Streetcap1 of Youtube found this one and I have to say its beyond words. This UFO looks to be more than 5-7 miles across. Since it is over the ocean area, the only place that it could hide without being noticed is below the ocean."

They also published the video analysis of the image, which we've embedded above.

Needless to say there are numerous other possibilities here, including camera glitches, gaps missed by the process of stitching together smaller images to make a large enough one to publish, and interference.

Either way there is no evidence of five-mile-wide stuff hiding under the ocean. Unless you include Atlantis. Which is also not true.

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