Art Thief Caught On CCTV Trying To Hide Large Artwork Under Hoodie (VIDEO)

This Thief Is Nothing If Not Optimistic...

If you're going to try to steal a work of art, check before you go that it can fit under your top if that's where you're going to hide it.

This optimistic thief tried to hide a limited edition sculpture in his clothing before deciding, no, it wouldn't fit, and instead trying to walk out of the Castle Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham with it under his arm.

When he was stopped by staff, he returned the piece and walked off.

The artwork is a limited edition sculpture by Nic Joly commemorating WWI, sales of which are raising money for the Royal British Legion. The sculpture in question has now been sold.

West Midlands Police released this CCTV footage of what happened which was broadcast nationally.

A 41-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with the incident.


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