Ed Miliband's Labour Conference Speech: The Funniest Twitter Reactions


It was the moment we'd all been waiting for. Possibly.

And it was going to be epic:

Yes, Ed Miliband took to the stage at the Labour party conference in Manchester today and it quickly became clear that there was a theme. And that theme was: real conversations. With real people. In real parks.

Chief among these people was Gareth. Gareth, who got more than one mention:

But Gareth gave way to Elizabeth - the apprentice who Ed had not only met but also brought to the hall:

As a result, it was 'Gareth' and 'Elizabeth' that trended on Twitter, rather than Ed's intended buzzword: 'together'.

Then there was the matter of Ed's list of 'national goals':

The natives were getting restless:

But if you thought the Twitter crowd was being tough on Ed, the audience in Manchester was proving to be hard work, too:

But the biggest insult? Another speech began halfway through Ed's. And that was that...