#Bendgate? Some iPhone 6 Owners Have Accidentally Bent Their Phones

#Bendgate Is Now A Thing

As is customary with all of Apple's iPhone launches since 'Antennagate' fans have been avidly stripping the latest iPhone down and searching for a hidden flaw or weakness... and it looks like they've found one.

Apparently if you apply enough pressure to the corner of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus there's a possibility that it'll bend.

Angry iPhone 6 customers have been taking to social media and forums to express their annoyance after some found that just by sitting with it in their pocket (they say) it would become misshapen.

While several videos have shown that it can bend, the pressure required is pretty extreme -- suggesting that perhaps these incidents are not common as is being implied.

There were reports when the iPhone 5 came out that some of the handsets were liable to bend too -- and indeed, many aluminium phones will suffer from the problem. What remains to be seen is whether the iPhone 6 Plus is more or less liable to bend than the other thin smartphones on the market today.

Of course the other side to this story is that while the phone is bending, it's not breaking. That's pretty positive, right?


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