Jasmine Tridevil's Third Breast Claims 'Busted' By Tampa Airport Police

More Evidence The Triple Breasted Woman Has Been 'Busted' As A Fraud

Jasmine Tridevil’s flimsy claim to having three breasts just had another hole blown in it – this time by the police.

The 21-year-old massage therapist insists she underwent plastic surgery to obtain a third breast but the evidence is just not stacking up.

Now TMZ has obtained a document which it says proves Tridevil’s claims are fraudlent, and that “ironically what exposed her lie is a crime someone committed against her.”

Jasmine Tridevil says she had to contact more than 50 doctors before she found one willing to perform the surgery

The document, from Tampa International Airport Police Department, describes a baggage theft from an American Airlines conveyor belt, with the victim named as Alisha J Hessler – Tridevil’s real name.

It lists the contents as: “One black nylon roller bag with miscellaneous female clothing, three pairs of stiletto heels, miscellaneous paperwork with owner’s name, hair brush, 3 breast prosthesis.”


This police report lists a luggage inventory belonging to our hero - including a '3 breast prosthesis'

TMZ writes the thieves were caught by police and that the black bag was inventoried (hence the receipt) before it was returned to Tridevil.

It adds Tridevil, who says she had surgery to pursue her dream to star in reality TV, told officers the prosthesis was valued at $5,000. (She has told media her third breast implant cost $20,000.)

Tridevil, who gave a radio interview claiming she had to contact more than 50 doctors before she found a surgeon willing to operate on her, has been revealed as having had brushes with viral fame in the past.

Tridevil dreams of starring in her own reality TV show

It also emerged she was taken into custody in Florida in 2013 and charged with fraudulent use of personal information.

Writing on her Facebook page, Tridevil has held up her hands to the Snopes discoveries.

She wrote: “Everyone keeps sending me this Snopes article. Why? Yes, they have my real name. Yes, the news story last December is true, and yes, I was arrested for using someone else’s ID (attempting to get into a club). I was underage and wanted to get drunk lol.”

Looks familiar: A three-breasted woman makes an appearance in 1990's Total Recall

Kaitlyn Leeb reprised the role in the 2012 remake of the film

Tridevil for her part, continues to insist the third breast is genuine and she is not hoaxing anyone.

But her claims to have upcoming appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show and Inside Edition have both been proven false, Mashable confirms.

Matthew Shulman, a plastic surgeon in New York told The Daily Dot: “I believe 100% that this is a hoax that everyone is falling for.”

While admitting the surgery was theoretically possible, he said it would take more than six months and probably result in the breasts being connected – unlike they are in Tridevil’s photographs.

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