Lena Dunham's Latest Golden Nuggets Of Wisdom Have Made Us Love Her Even More #AskLena

Lena Dunham Turned Agony Aunt Is Pure Genius

Can you still wear 'booty shorts' if you're a feminist? How can you deal with OCD without going to the doctor, becoming an alcoholic or chopping all of your hair off? And finally, how can you learn to love yourself if you're plus size?

These are just some of the topics covered by the Wonder Woman that is Lena Dunham in her brand-spanking YouTube series, #AskLena.

To celebrate the launch of her new book Not That Kind Of Girl, the Girls star has filmed a series of short clips where she puts her agony aunt life skills to the test in order to answer personal questions from fans.

Margaret from Maryland says that she can't stop having bad sex with not-so-great people.

Lena's response? "Margaret, I really relate. I don't think I even thought about enjoying sex until I was like 25, because I was so worried about whether other people were enjoying sex with me.

"It never occurred to me that it was an act that I was supposed to receive pleasure from. And then what I realised was that having good sex takes two people who want to make each other feel good. There isn't a person who is 'good' at sex, because it's an alchemy - it's a thing that happens between two people.

"It sounds like you haven't been picking men (if that's your pleasure) who make you feel great."

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Life Advice For Your Thirties

Good advice, huh? Here are five other reasons you need to watch Lena's life lessons:

The music

The opening credits are complemented by toe-tapping goodness - like the soundtrack to our life, albeit in the 90s. Just imagine yourself walking down the street in the morning, smiling, generally loving life and listening to that tune.

The co-star

Lamby (her pooch) is featured and he's looking as lovely and furry as ever.

The advice

Heartfelt and, as always, very useful, she knocks Dear Deidre out the water.

The LOLs

There are still undertones of her trademark humour.

The set

Her cartoon office set up is the real deal. We have serious desk envy - or Denvy.

What. A. Woman.

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