North Sea Island To Get Delivery By Drone

DHL will become the first delivery company to introduce a drone delivery service. The drone will be sending medical supplies to the small North Sea island of Juist.

With a population of just 1,500 the drone will be filling in the gaps when other delivery methods aren't running.

Called the PaketKopter it'll get up to an altitude of around 50m and then fly the 12km to the island on autopilot. It'll then land itself on a pre-designated landing pad on the island. The courier then collects the package and delivers it.

DHL has had to wade through some serious paperwork in order to get this project off the ground (literally) but they finally agreed a pre-determined flightpath with the German government which would allow the drone to fly itself.

With Google's Project Wing and Amazon Prime Air both in development DHL isn't the only company that's investing in delivery drones, but it is the first to officially introduce a regular service.

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