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This is What Happens When Volvo Sends One of Their Trucks to a Casino

How Hard Can Valet Parking Be? Don't Ask This Guy...
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So it's your first night on the job as a valet at the swanky San Remo casino on the Italian Riviera.

You've changed into your crisp white jacket, polished your shiny gold buttons and are looking forward to a night of parking ridiculously expensive sports cars on behalf of the casino's wealthy patrons.

Doesn't sound too terrible does it?

Well, that all depends on who shows up. And what they're driving...

Volvo decided to have a bit of fun with the casino's newest valet and give him the task of parking a super-sized truck discreetly round the back.

After all, under the hood it's got the engine of a sports car, so why not?

Everything in this video was filmed with hidden cameras and our poor valet's reaction to his latest parking job is priceless.

We just hope he didn't scratch any of the other cars, trying to parallel park it into the bay. Sports car paint can be pretty pricey...

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