Caitlin Moran's Five Rules Of Feminism

Caitlin Moran's Five Rules Of Feminism

Like the eight rules of Fight Club, feminism has its own set of rules too according to Caitlin Moran.

Rule #1: Women are equal to men. Rule #2: don't be a dick. And Rule #3: there are no more rules. Not exactly sure how that makes five, but who are we to argue with Caitlin...

In her interview with HuffPost Live, Caitlin discusses what feminism means to her. Namely that it's about equality, and that everything else comes after that.

She adds: "There are going to be 3.3 billion different kinds of feminist because there's 3.3 billion kinds of women.

"We all have different concerns and hopes and fears, but I think we're all united by the belief that we want to be equal to men."

She continues to talk about the misconception of feminism being about 'hating men' and also points out that men should want feminism as well as women, because after all, why would men want to live in a world where women aren't happy - it's going to impact them too, right?