Caitlin Moran Lets Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Nancy Use Twitter And It's Glorious


Writer Caitlin Moran gave her 11-year-old daughter control over her Twitter account and it was pretty marvellous.

Moran's 511,000 followers were suddenly treated to a series of rapidfire tweets from Nancy, who said she wanted to do it to reply to people because her mum wasn't responding to them.

"I'm THE NICE one," she explained.

Perhaps uncharacteristically, Twitter was "100% gentle" with her, Moran said after Nancy's allotted time was up.

For the 37 minutes she controlled the account, Nancy explained which of her cats was the stupid one and which was the obese one and a story about how she developed a fear of butterflies when one landed on her face.

She also said Seinfeld was one of her favourite TV shows and her favourite band was either The Beatles or The Beach Boys, which, if typical for her generation, means the future is in safe hands.

She even said Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club was her favourite Beatles album, so the future is in very safe hands.

But she seemed to struggle with her professed aim of replying to everyone who tweeted to her.

She also revealed she has never read her mum's blockbuster books and once refused to do so even though it was the forfeit on a game of poker she was playing with her uncle and aunt.

After 37 minutes, Moran retook control - despite the fact she had been promised an hour.

Moran then said people should follow Nancy's instagram account, which she described as "a demended Tesco parody account".

"I don't quite know what's going on in her mind," she said.

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