'Golf Ball' Found On Mars

The Curiosity rover never ceases to amaze us with the kind of things it manages to uncovers and its latest find is no different.

The rover appears to have found the first evidence that The Ryder Cup has been massively increasing its advertising budget over the last few years.

Curiosity has found what looks like a Martian golf ball. The perfectly round sphere is entirely unique, prompting us to assume that either sports advertising has gotten wildly out of control or that aliens are now playing large-field sports.

It is however, sadly not a golf ball. The tiny sphere is actually probably only 1cm wide, despite the perspective of the image.

So why is it so round? Well it's known as a 'concretion', a small or large round rock that has been gradually eroded and softened by water.

It's well documented that Mars was at one point covered in water, just like Earth, so the discovery of these concretions are vital to understanding both how extensive the water coverage was and when it took place in Mars' history.