Kids Start Bending iPhones In UK Apple Store

Just when you thought #Bendgate was going away...

With one YouTube channel bending all the phones, including the iPhone 6 Plus, we figured that would put an end to the discussion about whether Apple's latest phones melted in the sun like chocolate.

Apparently not. At least not for two children from Norfolk who according to a recently posted video decided that it was time to take their complaints direct to Apple ... by walking into one its stores and quite simply, bending the iPhone 6 Plus.

The video shows two boys filming an introduction, and then cuts to what looks like an Apple store. The two people behind the camera - the implication is that it's the same boys - then take a gold iPhone 6 Plus and try to bend it.

And yes, they managed it, bending the handset so much that the screen actually pops away from the frame. They then spoke to an Apple employee who apparently claimed the bending was just an "internet rumour".

The original video has been pulled.

Neither Apple or the local police have made any statement on the matter.