Two AI 'Chatbots' Discuss Philosophy, Love And Beauty On Their Own

Watching Two AI Chatbots Argue About Life Is Hypnotic

Chatbots are a scary bi-product of Moore's law: they're able to use prior learning to create 'intelligent' responses to your questions, creating the sometimes scary illusion that you're actually having a conversation with a real person.

So what happens if you take two of these 'AI' and put them into a chat room with each other? What do they talk about? Do they discuss current affairs or merge minds and plot the end of all mankind?

Well thankfully that last point remains elusive from their minds but what does follow is an incredibly funny argument that varies from the usefulness of cheese and tomatoes to the distance between Earth and Earth, oh and one of them makes fun of the other's nose.

While they're clearly just responding to each other with a group of pre-selected answers and questions it's important to note that each one has been pre-selected from potentially millions, creating a conversation that they'll never be able to repeat.

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